Elder Abuse, Bedbugs and Denial at Atria Riverdale New York


Our Uncle entered Atria Riverdale in early 2012 and enjoyed his early months there. It was a change that took some getting used to but he was a trooper. Things took a turn for the worse when he suffered a fall in mid 2012. He was hosptitalized and re-entered Atria but with 24 hour round the clock very expensive care that he paid for ($16,000 a month).  Aides were instructed not to leave his side. This was to prevent further falls and allow him to live out his remaining years in as much comfort as possible. All was good until he was hospitalized in the Spring of 2013. We received alarming calls from the ER doctors and Social Workers stating they would not allow him back to Atria. They saw all the signs of abuse and neglect. We immediately contacted the Dept of Health, NYC police and Adult Protective Services. All three cases are open and being investigated.


The staff of Atria admitted to leaving our Uncle alone for extended periods of time. He was allowed to fall out of bed and was discovered a number of times on the floor. He was scraped up and thrown back in bed numerous times over a short period of time. His bruises, cuts, and sores built up to the point where the abuse/neglect was too much for the aides to simply toss him back in bed and no one notice. He was never the same after the abuse/neglect.


In December 2012, we were called to be told our Uncle was going to be out of his room for a few hours as they were fumigated the BEDBUGS found in his room. We later received an email that there were TWO BEDBUG incidents in his room. We were only notified of ONE and that ONE notification was verbal. They never documented the incident.  We asked for copies of the exterminating records and were told there were no records. There is a NYC law that all current and prospective tenants MUST be notified of BEDBUG sitings. This law has not been followed at Atria Riverdale.


While acknowledging their staff was guilty of neglect, Atria refused to refund the costs of care our Uncle never received. They took no ownership of their negligence. They engaged in prolonged conversations, dragging them out until he died. They should be ashamed of the way they harmed an old man and the way they treated his advocates with disrespect. Their sole purpose was to delay things until he died.   He died unable to identify his beloved nieces and nephew who had cared for him and had been able to communicate with him prior to the abuse/neglect.  This they did well. Our Uncle died a broken man as a result of the abuse and neglect administered by Atria, a public company out of Lexington, KY. The men who dragged this issue out are John Moore, CEO and his in-house lawyer, Jayson Thomas. I would never place a loved one in the care of either of these men or Atria.
No veteran deserves such treatment. This picture was taken on July 4, 2013, the day our beloved Uncle died.

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